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Dear Chocolatier,

Thank you so much for offering to write a story for me! I love all these fandoms, and I'm really keen to see what you do in them! I've provided some prompts in case you're looking for inspiration, but I'd also love to see whatever other ideas capture your imagination.

For me, it's about the characters and their relationships. I'm not a stickler for canon details, as long as the spirit of the characters and the flavour of their world is there. I want to see adventures that might have been, or missing moments from between scenes, or a slice of their daily lives, or where the future might take them.

LIKES: Some of the things I enjoy in stories are: undying loyalty, personal bravery, big damn hero moments, special everyday moments, subtle tension, conversations loaded with unspoken meaning, tough people showing a soft side, and soft people showing a tough side. I also like tropes such as amnesia, bodyswap, sex pollen, and undercover as a couple.

DISLIKES: I generally prefer optimistic stories in exchanges, so I'm not keen on anything that is brutally violent or depressingly bleak. However, I don't mind darkness as long as there is a glimmer of light. Bittersweet endings are also fine.

RATING: I've requested both gen and ships in this exchange. For the latter, I'm fine with explicit sex, but it's usually not the most important part of the story for me.

STYLE: I'm fine with first, second, or third person. I'm fine with past or present tense. I'm fine with stories of any length, including stories that start in media res.

CROSSOVERS: I would prefer no crossovers with other canons.

AUS: I like seeing the characters in their own settings, so I would prefer no alternate universes like high school, coffee shop, or omegaverse. However, I like alternate universes where something happened differently in canon.

I hope this helps. Have fun writing!

Yours sincerely,

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(AO3 name Serenade)


Request 1: Foreigner Series - CJ Cherryh (Bren/Machigi) - fanfic

Bren has chemistry with so many people, and as soon as Machigi showed up - sparks! I love that Machigi seems fascinated to meet Bren, and even comments on his southern accent. And I love that Bren has to bring his best game to deal with Machigi, and is maybe even slightly flustered. What form might their diplomatic negotiations take? Would they take the chance to engage in cultural exchange? Or for a slightly more cracky approach, how far do Bren's duties as paidhi extend? Does Tabini send him out with instructions to do whatever is necessary to secure an alliance or calm troubled waters? Anything from flirting to sexytimes would be fun to read.

Request 2: Chronicles of Tornor - Elizabeth Lynn (Ryke/Errel) - fanfic

I love the undying loyalty that Ryke shows towards Errel, even when he cannot understand the choices Errel makes. Part of me is still heartbroken that they part ways at the end, and that Ryke understands too late how deeply he loves Errel. I would love to see a story that explores their relationship: perhaps meeting again in the future, or moments along their journey where they get to know each other better as equals, or what life was like in the past when they lived at Tornor Keep, or even a canon divergence at some point in the story.

Request 3: Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny (Martin & Random, Merlin/Luke) - fanfic

Martin & Random - From having a bad history and no relationship, to the tentative beginnings of a father and son bond. I love Martin for the adversity he's overcome, and Random for the growth he's undergone. What was their first meeting actually like? How does Random becoming king affect their relationship? What might bring them closer together or test their bond?

Merlin/Luke - The classic frenemies ship of the Amber books. I love how they know they should be enemies, but can't help liking and protecting and trusting each other. (To a certain extent, anyway...) I'd love to read anything about them trying to outsmart each other, or conquering the world together, or dealing with their dysfunctional families. What would have happened if Luke had told Merlin the truth earlier on? Or if they had been stuck in Wonderland or another shadow for an extended time? I'm fine with their various canon ships being mentioned (ie the complicated love polygon in the books).

Request 4: The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison (Cala & Beshelar, Cala/Beshelar) - fanfic

I'm intensely curious about all the parts of Cala and Beshelar's relationship that we don't see. I wonder if they knew each other before they were chosen as Maia's nohecharei, and if so how? (Cala wishes he had arrived first, and Beshelar reacts to him - what's the story behind that?) They are going to spend so much of their lives together. What unexpected things - big and little - do they learn about each other as the days (or years) go by? Do they spend any time together when off-duty? How do they feel about the risks they each take? (Beshelar is wounded in the line of duty and Cala is forced to kill someone possibly for the first time - what happens in the aftermath?) I'd be interested in friendship, relationship, or anything in between.


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