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It still weirds me out to be able to count memories back to "twenty years ago". When you're young, you can't remember "twenty years ago". You can't even imagine "twenty years later".

Ten years ago, I wrote two posts about the 10th anniversary of the club:

Those were the days

Did you ever believe this day would come? Happy 10th birthday, old friend.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about meeting the current execs of the club:

SMASH! 2017

I'm not really sure what I want to add to what I've already said. But it seemed important to me to acknowledge the day. And I keep thinking about that old saying: some friendships are for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime.
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On Saturday, I went to SMASH!, for the first time in five years. It was out at Rosehill Gardens, and I was pretty stunned at how huge it had become. So many people! (I was also a little stunned that it was now $45 for the day.)

AnimeUNSW )

A Bride's Story: Same-Sex Love and Unions )

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I remember that day, ten years ago, in that packed out classroom in the Quadrangle Building, when these three guys stood up in front of us and proposed to start an anime club. In years to come, they would be known as the Founders, and the club as AnimeUNSW.

Memories )
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One month from today, it will be the 10th anniversary of the founding of AnimeUNSW.

Its official name is the Anime and Manga Society of the University of New South Wales, but nobody calls it that. To me personally, it will always be 'the club'. It was a big part of my life for a long time - through it, I made some wonderful friends, and had some amazing experiences, and of course watched lots of anime, which I was hugely passionate about.

Back then, the only other anime clubs in Sydney were JAUWS and SAS - the one based out west, and the other a small group of friends. The next closest club was down in Wollongong. SUAnime, Anime@UTS, AnimeMQ - none of these clubs yet existed. So AnimeUNSW became the main social hub for anime fans in metropolitan Sydney, its Friday night screenings regularly drawing not only uni students but high schoolers and fulltime workers - all come together to share their love of Japanese animation.

Kids these days! aka Uphill! Both ways! In the snow! )
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This long weekend is turning into a helluva busy one. To kick it off, last night I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Yay! Full review later. Come to think of it, I still haven't posted my review of Troy yet either.

Anyway, I had to get up early this morning for soccer. So far this season, XD Elite has had an interesting run. Our very first game was against SLUTS (AnimeUTS), who beat us - and have gone on to do the same to everyone else they've faced. Our second game was meant to be against Mac Anime Antics (AnimeMQ), but only one guy from their team showed up, so we decided the game with a penalty shootout, which we won. Our third game was against SeeDs (JAUWS), which was tied 0-0. Today we were playing against Crunky (AnimeUNSW). Unfortunately, they were just too good and outplayed us. Next game is in a couple of weeks, against Tsunami (SUAnime) - the only team we haven't faced yet. Who knows how it will go...

This weekend is also the weekend of the Ozcomics 24 Hour Challenge. Quite a few people I know are doing it today (and continuing all the way through to tomorrow morning). I was tempted to join them - yes, despite my crappy drawing skills - but the soccer thing kind of threw a spanner in the works. Then on the train home, a cool idea hit me, and now I'm definitely in. I'm not sure if I'm going to be sleeping much (or at all) tonight.
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Went to Supanova yesterday. Full report soon. In the meantime, I've just realised I still haven't said anything about last week's soccer match.

It was the first match of the season for the anime club soccer league. Teams from all the clubs in Sydney - AnimeUNSW, SUAnime, AnimeUTS, AnimeMQ, and JAUWS - plus our own XD Elite gathered at Jones Park in Parramatta to play.

Unfortunately my team lost our game - we were playing against SLUTS (the Soccer League of UTS), who were amazingly good. (We were joking afterwards that they must have headhunted people from the UTS soccer club to join their anime club.)

Anyway, it was a fun game, and we'll be training hard to improve for next time. And after the match was over, I got to relax at the Mars Hill Cafe, where the Hayase session was being held. [ profile] zero_sum showed us the latest episode of the Sailor Moon Live Action tv series, which I still need to review, and [ profile] sentxd showed us the first episode of Scrapped Princess, which turned out to be pretty interesting. Had dinner afterwards at a nearby restaurant. A good day overall.
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* The Saturday before last, I went ice skating at Macquarie with some friends. It had been a while since my last time on ice, but the rollerblading I'd been doing in the meantime seemed to have been useful. That was good, as I had (perhaps unwisely) worn white pants that day, and falling down on wet ice in them would have been quite unfortunate.

* The day after, I went to see Tropfest with a friend. It was my first time there, and the number of people crammed into the Domain was staggering. The organisers said that the crowd topped a hundred thousand this year. Fortunately we managed to find a space to sit. There were sixteen finalists whose short films were shown, and they varied widely in subject matter and tone. We had to leave before the end, because the skies opened up and started pouring down rain, but it was a fun experience.

* On Friday, I went to the AnimeUNSW screening - the first one of the session. Got there late, so I only caught the end of the Lupin movie, but what I saw of it I enjoyed. I joined the gang for dinner afterwards, and as always it was good to catch up.

* The Hayase session is always held on the last Saturday of the month, but I had to give it a miss this time because it was the day of my sister's 21st. She was having her friends over to celebrate that evening, so the bulk of the day for me was spent taking part in a massive cooking and cleaning spree. Twelve hours of intense activity later, all of us were exhausted, but the party went really well, and it looked like everyone had a great time.

* And then Sunday was a day of rest.
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One of the things I've learned is that you can't trust to memory alone. Given time, even the most vivid memories fade, until all you're left with are a handful of vague impressions.

But some things you don't want to forget.

The Blue Mountains )

The Christmas Party )

The Skirmish Session )

The Farewell Dinner )

The Day of Departure )
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It's been two weeks since Animania took place, and I really should say something about it.

Animania 2003 impressions )
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So. Things I've been up to lately:

* Saw Finding Nemo. It's a wonderful feeling to sit down to watch a movie and know you're going to enjoy it. With Pixar, you already know you're in good hands. From all the interviews - and from the quality of their work itself - they seem to genuinely care about their stories. One of the best things about Pixar is that their stories have heart - and they don't get heart confused with cheap sentimentality.

* Saw Pirates of the Carribbean. Very swashbuckly, surprisingly intelligent, and a lot of fun. How cool was Jack Sparrow? He had all the best lines, and his attitude just rocked. It was also interesting for me to see Orlando Bloom in a non-Legolas role for the first time. He did a decent job, although his character was a pretty standard noble-young-hero type. Jack Davenport from Ultraviolet was also in it, but I didn't recognise him in costume, only his name in the credits. The special effects for the pirates were pretty amazing - probably a far cry from the original Disney ride, which I actually went on once when I was little. The slashiness I'd heard about was rather light - still, I'm interested in seeing what the fanfic does with it.

* Heard back from Clarion South about my application. I didn't manage to get one of the seventeen places, but I've been put on the reserve list. I wasn't expecting to get in, so I'm pretty pleased I got as far as I did.

* Received my first ever rejection letter, for Original!Story. It's a milestone on the road to becoming a published writer, but I wish they'd given me more feedback than the very unhelpful form letter they sent. Ah well.

* Attended the AnimeUNSW AGM on Friday. One of the more interesting AGMs, I'll admit, being only the second time in the club's history that there's been more than one contender for a position. Six years now since the club started - bloody hell. We were dreaming about the fifth year anniversary once, and now even that's passed. It'll be ten years before we know it - but with all those fresh new faces joining the exec, I'm hopeful at the thought of reaching that ten year mark. I've met some of the best people in the world through this club, and made some unforgettable memories. I never could have imagined it, back when it all began.

* Saturday was spent at Magic Casements, the first ever speculative fiction festival held at the NSW Writers' Centre. The panels I attended were a bit of a mixed bag. The panel on sources of inspiration was kind of wishy-washy, as you'd expect from the topic, and it also looked like one of the scheduled panelists had piked out. The world-building panel, on the other hand, was excellent, with different approaches from each of the four authors on it. I'd had high hopes for the academic panel, after the Fantastic Fictions conference last year, but it turned out to be pretty dull. I did enjoy the panel on breaking into the business though, with several newcomers discussing their experiences. I also managed to catch up with some of the people in my writing group, who were involved in helping out with the festival.

* Monday morning, at nine sharp, I rocked up to an address on Broadway in response to an ad in the paper. They were looking for hair models for a show - in exchange for lending your services for the day, you got a free cut and colour plus $150 worth of hair products. It was an interesting experience. They picked out eleven of us - ten girls and one guy. Most of the others were uni students, and a few were actually still in high school, which made me feel rather old. I was kind of nervous at first - I wanted a change, yeah, but my hair is probably my one vanity, and what if they wanted to crop it short and dye it lime green or something? They actually made far less radical changes than I'd expected, and it was kind of cool to get a haircut from a topnotch professional. I was there for twelve hours. Most of the day was spent waiting around - I remember thinking, this is probably what it's like to be an actor on a set. They had a professional makeup artist come in and work on us, and they picked out clothes for us to wear, and in the evening we had to get up on a catwalk in front of about seventy hair industry professionals while the organisers demonstrated their work and spoke vigorously about the issues affecting their field. (Undercharging for colour is a major one, apparently.)

* My room has, over the past few weeks, deteriorated into the worst state of disorder I can ever remember. Today I decided to tackle that problem. One of the things I found in my digging was the Madman anime sampler DVD from Manifest. As I was checking it out, I found not only the usual trailers but also a couple of sample first episodes. One of them was .hack//SIGN. Well, well. Some people I know, especially [ profile] leenabeans, are really into this series. Now I can see why. The sampler DVD only had the dubbed version, but the pull of the story was strong enough to overcome my reservations. My experiences with RO also added another layer of appreciation. I don't know the names of all the characters yet, but I did recognise Subaru. Favourite moment was when the fuzzy yellow hippo creature - is *that* a puchigosu? - was bumping its nose into the wall. I nearly melted. So. Damn. Cute. I want one now - a lifesize one to hug and feed and ride everywhere.
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Friday was AnimeUNSW screening night - the first one of the session, which meant much welcome catch up with people. Except that I didn't get to mingle as much as I usually do, because there were quite a few things I actually wanted to watch at the screening. The main one was the feature, The Cat Returns.

I knew nothing about it before I saw it, apart from the fact it was a new Studio Ghibli film. And that was enough of a draw for me. The story turned out to be about a girl, Haru, who saves the life of a cat one day and as a result gets drawn into all sorts of strange adventures - but that doesn't do justice to the movie at all. It was everything I could have expected: funny, charming, wistful, heroic, and full of wonders. This is one I'd want on my shelf.

I missed the second half of the screening because I nicked off to dinner with the gang and didn't come back till the end. We went to Gourmet Pizza Kitchen, which was chosen on the basis that it was one of the few places which would accommodate a group our size. Talk at my end of the table was mostly RO. (And yes, when I went home I played some... ^^;) It was a pretty good night all up, and I'm looking forward to next time.

Went shopping in the city on the weekend, primarily for cosplay components, although I also succumbed to the evil lure of Kinokuniya. Spent two hours walking through Paddy's Markets completely failing to find a cross-shaped brooch, which I'll have to do without. However, I managed to get hold of most of the other stuff I need. Three days to go until I leave for Manifest, and once again I'm trying to finish things up at the eleventh hour. Still slightly unnerved by the increasing number of people I know who are going - I foresee the Manifest organisers being overwhelmed by a horde of Sydneysiders.

Argh. Still have that story to finish for the SV Flash Fic Challenge before I go. The deadline has been extended from 7 August to 12 August, but that's no huge help to me since I'm going to be away the whole weekend. I guess I'll just have to sit myself in front of the computer and make it happen. What I've got so far, however, makes me suspect that it's not going to be quite what my requester expected...


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