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Also known as the ABU TV Song Festival.

Saturday 9 November at 7pm on SBS2.

I hope Australia's entry this year is better than last year.
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So, after literally years of waiting for this to happen, how was it?

Well, I did get the very Eurovision experience of witnessing my country's performance and cringing with embarrassment. There was nothing actually wrong with DJ Brown's singing. But why the four dancers gyrating about the stage in black corsets and garters? I mean, really?

It especially stood out because most of the other countries went classic and conservative, with soulful ballads that were probably love songs. I have no idea what they thought of Australia.

The knockout performance of the evening was Indonesia, who was dressed like a queen, with even a jewelled eyepiece, and delivered a magnificent power ballad. Other interesting moments: Japan's cutesy pop idol trio in pink, Afghanistan's traditional string instrument and message to fellow citizens far from home, Korea's hip-hop dance moves and dramatic plumes of smoke and flame. Also, Korea being the host nation meant we got to see some special performances highlighting their music and drama.

It wasn't until the end that I discovered that it wasn't a song contest, but a song festival. So, no voting! Which might actually be for the best, considering regional tensions are still a live thing, and fits the theme of promoting harmony among the nations. So we ended up with all the performers coming back on stage to sing "Heal the World" together. Which is not a bad way to end things.
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At last, the Asia-Pacific Song Festival 2012 will air on SBS on Sunday 28 October at 9:30 pm. (And likely elsewhere and elsewhen if you're other than in Sydney.)

"Viewed by millions throughout Asia, this cultural event showcases the very best K-pop, J-pop, C-pop and music from member nations of the Asia Pacific Broadcast Union. SBS PopAsia's own Jamaica dela Cruz will be co-hosting the festival bringing the fun, glamour and nonstop pop direct to Australian viewers from KBS Hall in host city Seoul, South Korea. Representing Australia, DJ Havana Brown will be performing her triple platinum selling single 'We Run the Night' at the festival. (From South Korea, in English)"

It's not quite Eurovision - it doesn't sound like we get to vote? - but it's the closest we've come so far.

*waves flag and throws confetti*
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Finally, the dates for the very first Asiavision have been announced!

Our Sound: The Asia-Pacific Song Contest

Performance Show on Friday 26 November 2010
Winner's Show on Sunday 28 November 2010

As a Eurovision fan who has only been able to dream of voting in it, all I can say is that I have been waiting for this day.

Will there be great singing? Maybe.

Will there be politics? Definitely.

Will there be cheese? We can only hope.


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