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I haven't posted a proper update to LJ for a good while now. There are a whole bunch of posts I've been meaning to make: events attended, media consumed, fics recced, etc. I feel like I've sort of faded back into lurking: reading huge swathes of fic, browsing forums and communities, and occasionally commenting. But I miss the interaction and conversation, so I'm going to make more of an effort to post regularly.


Fandoms I'm reading fic in:
Hockey RPF, Teen Wolf.

Fic I'm working on:
A Chronicles of Amber AU about if Brand won the Patternfall War.

Shows I'm really into but still way behind on:
Doctor Who, Hannibal, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Legend of Korra.

Movies I've enjoyed lately:
Into the Woods, Jupiter Ascending, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Mad Max: Fury Road.
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I don't even *watch* hockey.

I really can't explain why I've been devouring all these stories of pining, domesticity, and animal transformation.
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Long Live by Llin
Summary: Long live all the magic we made.

All the Star Treks, half a century of story, the torch passed down generation after generation. United by the bonds of friendship and family and optimism about the future. And I love what the first comment has to say.

It ticks me off when I hear people defending grimdark fiction with "because realism". The daily news supplies plenty of realism already. I know about the horrors and injustices that exist. If grimdark fiction mimics reality, then this is a failure of the imagination. Because you know what? Everything great and good that humankind has ever achieved, came from someone looking at the world and thinking, "It doesn't have to be this way." You put a black woman officer on a starship, against the dictates of reality, and you are already changing the future. You have to imagine it before you can make it real.

This is what Star Trek does. It shows us that humankind can make a future, a better future, where we can be our best selves. And that there is a place in it for all of us, whoever we may be, there is a place for us in that future, there is a place on the bridge of the goddamn Enterprise.

Yeah, I have a lot of feelings about this.

I call myself a Star Trek fan, but for me, Star Trek is beyond a fandom. Things like this vid remind me why.

Long live all the mountains we moved
I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you
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Today is the ten year anniversary of when I joined LiveJournal.

It was still mostly mailing lists for me back then. But I had fallen hard for a show called Smallville (the glory days of Season One!) before actually being able to get my hands on the source (sigh, dialup) and devoured as many fics and vids and recaps as I could (Television Without Pity! and HoYay!). And quite a few Smallville fans were starting to keep blogs - not just on LJ, but Blogger and Diaryland and other places - but somehow LJ ended up being the gravity well. I spent several months stalking blogs before deciding, hey, I want to be part of the conversation too.

Things I posted about in that first year included: Smallville, Lord of the Rings, Hornblower, Ragnarok Online, parodies and memes. One of the first communities I joined: [ profile] aus_cult_tv, now sadly all but abandoned, but back then the place for Aussie viewers to talk about shows currently airing and avoid international spoilers.

On occasions, I've been away for months at a time; on others, I've posted every day for a week.


524 Journal Entries
1,577 comments posted
1,028 comments received
109 Tags
168 Memories
59 photos
1 V-Gift
15 Userpics

LJ isn't the same place as back then: there have been waves of mass exoduses due to LJ pulling crap on its users, migrations to Facebook and Tumblr and other forms of social media, and just people drifting away from fandom. I have a mirror journal at Dreamwidth that I backup to every so often, but I still use this as my primary journal. Will it still be here in ten years? Who knows.

I've been a fan since I was a kid. But I'm not sure exactly when it happened that fandom as a community became such a key component of my identity. I just know that LJ has been a part of that.
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It feels like forever since I last posted. And it seems like even then, I've mostly been posting responses to media I've consumed. I kind of miss all the conversations I used to have with people here. But then again, I haven't been commenting much either, so it's partly my own fault.

I do miss mailing lists and discussion communities. There are a couple of fandoms I've become excited about lately, and it's hard to find somewhere I can go and squee about them. I'm reduced to trying to remember who on my friendslist was squeeing about them several weeks or several months back, and hunting for those posts. It's so decentralised.

So what have I been doing lately? Well. Writing a hell of a lot of Amber fic. Most of which I will eventually post. (I'm hoping people won't be too shocked when they descend on the archives next Yuletide, to find that Brand/Martin has taken over the fandom.) It's been rather lonely though, the fic community being so quiet. It's like the polar opposite of the massive exploding fandoms.

Other things I've gotten into lately:

* The Hunger Games - Read the trilogy: brilliant and devastating and really just that good. Watched the movie: a great adaptation that captures the spirit of the books. I also want to say that, despite the whitewashing issue, I thought Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic. This time last year, she was Raven Darkholme. But now and always, she will be Katniss Everdeen.

* Revenge - It's the best feeling to watch something that everyone has been raving about, and to find that it really does live up to its reputation. It reminds me of Veronica Mars, of course, and like Veronica Mars, I think it would work best as a show that gives us one perfect season: everything laid on the line, and brought to a satisfying conclusion. I just can't stop watching. Smart people! Elaborate plans! The protagonist and the antagonist being women of resource and presence and complexity. Also, *oh, Nolan*.

* The Legend of Korra - Totally worth the wait. Korra is a great heroine, bold and active and determined, with echoes of the Avatar in her, but also clearly her own person. Plus gorgeous steampunk worldbuilding. Welcome to Republic City!
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After years of bouncing between webhosts, and a long period of hiatus, I am pleased to announce that my website has acquired a permanent home at last:

Here you can find my fannish projects, recommendations, and stories, including some which are not publicly archived anywhere else.

It's only a small corner of the world, but it's my own. Yay!
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What I find fascinating about the reaction to Nevermore, the first Supernatural tie-in novel, is that the fans don't ask, "Is it as good as the series?" but "Is it as good as the fanfic?" Which says much about the calibre of the writing in this fandom.

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So the other day, I go in to edit my journal settings so I don't get all these hideous "WARNING! WARNING!" cut-tags everywhere. While I'm in there, I finally upgrade my journal layout from S1 to S2, which gives me the nifty sidebar with all the tags. So I decide to take the opportunity to go back through all my old entries and tag them.

It takes a lot longer than you might expect.

Some discoveries:

1. It might seem like I've been posting a lot about Supernatural and Heroes lately, but neither of them has anything on Ragnarok Online.

2. I've covered a fair few fandoms over the years. But what's interesting is how many of my fandoms *aren't* covered here - all the stuff that predates this journal, stuff from the era of lists and forums. My huge X-Files obsession, for example, or the *years* I spent with anime.

3. Man, some of these shows have been boxed away in the attic for years. Witchblade! Hornblower! Roswell! But it makes me smile to think back on them.

4. There are a surprising number of entries that call for the damn you channel nine tag. And I expected to need tags for the other stations, but you know what? I didn't. It's just you, Channel Nine! *waves fist*

5. It looks like I used to post more about what I got up to in real life. I wonder if I'm less comfortable with it now because so many more people of my acquaintance - workmates, relatives, friends who aren't fannish - are online these days. Some of them even have blogs. And I get nervous about them stumbling on this and joining the dots. I mean, I do know quite a few of you in real life, but mostly that's from the anime club, and you guys know I'm weird already. Though it does make me think twice before, say, reccing the latest hot threesome slash fic.
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Looks like I picked an interesting week to take a break from LJ.

There was stuff I wanted to say, but I expect it's all been said already. Though I would like to highlight these posts:

[ profile] alopekis : It's a sociology paper waiting to happen
I go away for a couple of days and LJ goes 'splodey. It's always interesting when that happens, since there's a sort of a pattern that emerges while you're reading your flist in reverse chronological order.

[ profile] elements : "User Generated Content" & Ownership: The User as Citizen
The online services we use to build community are owned almost entirely by corporate entities of one type or another, and subject to contractual terms of service in many ways designed explicitly to privilege the interests of the company over those of the user.

[ profile] gracecourage : For the First Time Ever, I'm Immensely Sorry I'm a Lurker
So it wasn't the Strikeout itself that got me where I live. It was the Great LiveJournal Lockdown that followed it. Because there is a group of women out there who, on a daily basis, make me think, smile, laugh out loud.
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The February 2006 issue of Locus Magazine features interviews with Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman about the relaunch of Good Omens, and the open question of a sequel. Concerning the latter, Neil Gaiman says:

"We'd probably use Crowley and Aziraphale because they are just such a wonderful device, a lovely authorial creation - they work very well. On the other hand, I have to say, we now live in a universe in which we are competing for ownership of C & A with several hundred thousand young ladies who like to write about their erotic adventures on the Internet."
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This weekend's Sydney Morning Herald features an article devoted to bashing online fans, charmingly titled 'World wide wackos'.

Now, when mainstream media decides to write about fandom, sometimes you get serious articles, and sometimes you get sensationalist articles. This article, however, isn't even a good sensationalist article. It's so full of loaded language and cheap shots, it may as well be a Usenet troll. And like a troll, it's not worth getting angry about.

But this part made me drop my jaw in disbelief:

While movies and TV shows such as Star Wars and Star Trek have produced more than their fair share of fan-inspired tosh, The X-Files appears to have become a peculiar magnet for obsessives everywhere.

But all is not well in the strange world of X-Files fandom, where a schism has emerged between those who passionately support a romance between the lead characters Mulder and Scully and those who equally oppose it. The former are known as Relationshippers (or 'shippers) and the latter NOROMOS, short for No Romancers.


Is your best example a show that is thirteen years old and four years dead? Do you imagine that MSR is still a hotly debated topic? When Mulder and Scully, for crying out loud, have had a *kid* together on the show?

Do you really believe shippers vs noromos deserves to be called a fandom schism? Do you realise that Mulder/Scully is the *least* controversial of the X-Files universe pairings? And any sensationalist article that fails to even mention slash, if only to rip into it, suggests such crappy research that you don't even know it exists.

Do you realise that the term shippers has long since spread throughout the multiverse of fandoms as a term of common usage? So that when you spell it with an apostrophe, you look as dated as someone writing 'phone or 'burger?

Seriously. If you're going to be criticising fandom, there are much juicier targets. In this day and age, snickering at MSR is just as quaint and ridiculous as, say, ranting against Beatles music.
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There used to be a term for it in the old days - 'gafiate', from 'Getting Away From It All'. It was a way to describe the process of growing inactive in fandom, or the decision to leave it entirely.

I seem to have gafiated from fandom completely accidentally. Used to check LJ every day, and read fics, and download vids, and keep up with all the latest news. But somewhere along the line, real life kind of ate my online life. I'm still reading and watching as much as I used to - maybe even more - but I haven't been doing anything particularly fannish for a while now. Kept telling myself I'd catch up soon, but 'soon' is like 'tomorrow'. It will never arrive. There is only now.

So now, I'm here again. And I guess I've got a helluva lot to catch up on.
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[ profile] cleolinda does Troy in Fifteen Minutes. My favourite bit:

ODYSSEUS: Hey, man, what up?

ACHILLES: Nothin' much [dodge, parry, stab]. Just teaching Patroclus [dodge, parry, dodge] to fight [stab].

ODYSSEUS: Lookin' good there, kid. What is he, your--

ACHILLES: Cousin. He's my cousin. Cousin. Totally my cousin. In conclusion: Cousin.

ODYSSEUS: Whatever.

Also, Penny Arcade has their own version of the movie.
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I was browsing the [ profile] ragnarokonline community earlier when I saw a post promoting a new community called [ profile] ragnarok_yaoi. A surprising number of people have already joined.

One commentator has noted, "I am more disturbed that a RO Yaoi LJ group began BEFORE a RO Hentai group...."


Jan. 29th, 2004 03:32 am
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[ profile] mollyringwraith strikes again as the 'Rings' characters discuss Oscar snub.

Schala presents us with evidence of Superman subtext. Lois who?

Neil Gaiman mentions on his blog a text adventure based on Hamlet. (You remember text adventures, right? You know, 'talk to ghost', 'get dagger', etc.) Interesting note: when you type 'kiss Horatio', the game responds with 'I don't think Horatio and I are close enough for that.' Damn. I always thought - ohnevermind.
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Whenever slash writers talk about flames and abusive emails they receive, I've always felt a bit left out. No one thinks my stories are offensive enough to criticise? What, my characters aren't gay enough for you?

All that has changed with this (anonymous) review from FF.Net:

From: a;rigaraowiutdkj()

whoever the heck wrote this should have said it was slash in the summary. this is disgusting. shame on whoever wrote this.

I feel so... initiated now.

The thing is, it's a weird choice of story to be flamed for. "Sometimes" is a gentle, introspective story about realisation and self-awareness. It's not like Clark and Lex are screwing like bunnies. 'Disgusting' seems a little extreme when describing a story where they don't even hold hands.

Ah well. Feedback is feedback, they say, so I guess I can't complain about the quality of a flame.
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One of the things I've been thinking about is the nature of the Hornblower fandom. I mean, you've got this famous, beloved series of books which has been around for several decades - a series of books which has been very influential and has a significant fanbase. And then you've got this new adaptation - a series of movies with dashing young actors which has brought about a large influx of new fans.

Sounds familiar? Maybe it is. We've recently witnessed something similar happen in another fandom - namely, The Lord of the Rings.

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Jan. 1st, 2003 11:13 pm
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A new year, a new set of resolutions - among them, to start up a LiveJournal. It feels kind of like when I started my first homepage, back in the stone age of the internet. More and more people I know seem to be blogging, whether to express themselves, share things they've found, or stay connected with their communities. I'm expecting this LiveJournal to mainly consist of fannish ramblings, interspersed with updates on works in progress.

A new year. A new start.

It'll be interesting.


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