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And here we are, at the end of all things.

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It's hard to believe it's finally over. I've complained about various aspects of the films, but all in all, it's an epic I'd never imagined I would ever get to see on screen.

The Hobbit

Dec. 30th, 2012 04:15 pm
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I feel that making three movies is rather milking it, but I'm going to watch them all anyway.

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I'm still amazed to think it's been ten years since the Lord of the Rings.
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Woo! At last, [ profile] mollyringwraith has finished her condensed parody version of The Fellowship of the Ring movie. There are way too many cool lines to quote them all, so y'know, go read.

BALROG catches GANDALF in his whip, and pulls him into the abyss.

FRODO: Oh my God, he killed Gandalf!

BOROMIR: That bastard!
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After months of unexplained hiatus, Smallville returns to Channel Nine this Saturday. And they've given it an 8:30 PM timeslot, which should mean the end of all those episodes mutilated by censorship.

Also, gakked from [ profile] mirness:

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you? )
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One of the very first entries I posted in this LJ, at the start of the year, was about [ profile] mollyringwraith's condensed parody version of The Two Towers movie.

Now she's done the same for The Return of the King movie.

Way, way cool.

And you know that insanely long thread on the Straight Dope Message Board that I mentioned in the same post - the one titled If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?

It's still bloody going.
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I love Anthon Berg chocolates. I got a box of them for Christmas. Each chocolate is shaped like a little bottle, and inside is sweet syrup flavoured like liqueur.

It is a bad, bad idea to try unwrapping one at the keyboard.

I've done what I can to clean up, and fortunately the spillage was mostly on the function keys on the right hand side of the keyboard. I can still see syrup glistening in the cracks where I can't reach. Only time will tell whether any permanent damage has been done.

Well. Back to my original topic.

And, on this day of all days, was there ever any doubt as to what it would be?

The Return of the King spoilers )

Day 25

Nov. 26th, 2003 03:34 am
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Word count:

Today - 2556
Total - 37725

In other news, Mattel is releasing a Lord of the Rings Barbie and Ken set. Yes, you read that right. It's Barbie as Arwen and Ken as Aragorn, dressed in their costumes from The Return of the King.

Is Tolkien rolling over in his grave yet?
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Have you ever wondered whether Legolas's braids actually serve a practical purpose? Or the considered the mechanics of switching from bow to daggers mid-combat?

Check out The Boy With The Bow, subtitled "Legolas & Stunt Archery in Jackson's Film of FoTR". This is an amazingly detailed analysis of the archery in The Fellowship of the Ring, written by an archery expert who loves the movie. It's a fascinating read. What impressed me most is how much of the archery in the movie - while looking too cool to be true - was actually carefully orchestrated and stands up under expert scrutiny. There are even details which the average viewer would miss and only an expert would catch - and yet the filmmakers took pains to get them right.

The more I learn about the making of these movies, the more impressed I am by Peter Jackson and co.

Also, from SFX Issue 100:

The on-screen Legolas melted members of both sexes into little puddles. Which is cool, elves are pretty, but then you kind of forget that he's the 1,000 year-old son of a king and a member of the most magical race on the planet. No wonder he's such a good shot. He's had a lot of practice.
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One of the things I've been thinking about is the nature of the Hornblower fandom. I mean, you've got this famous, beloved series of books which has been around for several decades - a series of books which has been very influential and has a significant fanbase. And then you've got this new adaptation - a series of movies with dashing young actors which has brought about a large influx of new fans.

Sounds familiar? Maybe it is. We've recently witnessed something similar happen in another fandom - namely, The Lord of the Rings.

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Entslash. I kid you not. Fairly well-written Entslash at that.

Okaaay, I think I'm going to hell for that one.
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For everyone who was not quite satisfied with The Two Towers movie, here is [ profile] lemonlye's condensed parody version.

And have you ever wondered it would have been like If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!? This is an insanely long thread on the Straight Dope Message Board, spawned in October last year, and still going strong three months and several hundred contributions later.

You'll find alternate versions of LOTR based on anything from Ernest Hemingway to HP Lovecraft, from William Gibson to Dr Seuss. Some of my favourites are the Buffy version of LOTR, the Antoine de Saint Exupery version, the Everquest version, and the (heartbreaking as the original) Flowers for Algernon version.
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If you liked The Very Secret Diaries, the very funny, very slashy, and very irreverent LOTR parody by [ profile] cassieclaire, you'll be happy to know she's added new entries in the wake of the second movie's release. So far, she's done Aragorn's and Theoden's.

From The Very Secret Diary of Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Part Two:

Day Fourteen

Standing on battlements of Helm's Deep. Absolutely ridiculous number of Orcs headed this way. Who are we kidding anyway. We are so fucked. Perhaps this place has a side door.

Go read. Now.


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