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Since [ profile] leenabeans and [ profile] zero_sum are doing it too.

We just landed in Melbourne.

It is raining outside.


Aug. 12th, 2004 08:15 pm
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Tomorrow morning - at an ungodly hour - I'll be flying down to Melbourne for Manifest 2004. I'll see you all when I get back on Monday night!
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I can't believe this bloody thing took over two weeks to finish. Here it is at last - my complete Manifest report. Oh, and a warning - it's long.

Why this year's Manifest rocked )
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I just got back from Melbourne about two hours ago, after four incredible days there with my friends for Manifest 2003. I'm too beat to be at all coherent tonight, but you'll get a full con report later, I promise.

Right now, sleep is good...
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Friday was AnimeUNSW screening night - the first one of the session, which meant much welcome catch up with people. Except that I didn't get to mingle as much as I usually do, because there were quite a few things I actually wanted to watch at the screening. The main one was the feature, The Cat Returns.

I knew nothing about it before I saw it, apart from the fact it was a new Studio Ghibli film. And that was enough of a draw for me. The story turned out to be about a girl, Haru, who saves the life of a cat one day and as a result gets drawn into all sorts of strange adventures - but that doesn't do justice to the movie at all. It was everything I could have expected: funny, charming, wistful, heroic, and full of wonders. This is one I'd want on my shelf.

I missed the second half of the screening because I nicked off to dinner with the gang and didn't come back till the end. We went to Gourmet Pizza Kitchen, which was chosen on the basis that it was one of the few places which would accommodate a group our size. Talk at my end of the table was mostly RO. (And yes, when I went home I played some... ^^;) It was a pretty good night all up, and I'm looking forward to next time.

Went shopping in the city on the weekend, primarily for cosplay components, although I also succumbed to the evil lure of Kinokuniya. Spent two hours walking through Paddy's Markets completely failing to find a cross-shaped brooch, which I'll have to do without. However, I managed to get hold of most of the other stuff I need. Three days to go until I leave for Manifest, and once again I'm trying to finish things up at the eleventh hour. Still slightly unnerved by the increasing number of people I know who are going - I foresee the Manifest organisers being overwhelmed by a horde of Sydneysiders.

Argh. Still have that story to finish for the SV Flash Fic Challenge before I go. The deadline has been extended from 7 August to 12 August, but that's no huge help to me since I'm going to be away the whole weekend. I guess I'll just have to sit myself in front of the computer and make it happen. What I've got so far, however, makes me suspect that it's not going to be quite what my requester expected...


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