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So, I finally checked out the original movie. I liked it! But it was very different. Ironic and detached. And everyone looks so young.

An article about the major changes and the reasoning behind them:

Talking to Heathers: The Musical Director Andy Fickman About What Was Changed From the Movie

An interesting perspective on the differences, from the liner notes of the cast recording:

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I meant to post about this right after I saw it, but it probably would have mostly consisted of wild flailing.

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Bonus feature: X-Men Apocalypse Group Therapy Session (spoilers for the movie).
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So, I finally got to see this last night.

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Hugh Jackman is wasted in action movies.

I saw his show last Monday at the Entertainment Centre, and he totally owned the stage. Such a fantastic singer, dancer, and performer. So friendly and down to earth and funny. He really is the nicest guy!

Many of his friends and family were in the audience, and he did lots of shoutouts to them. He made jokes ragging on them and jokes at his own expense. He got ten thousand people to join in singing "Happy Birthday" to his wife. He flirted shamelessly with audience members and security guards. He tapdanced to "Singin' in the Rain". He sang "I Still Call Australia Home" backed by an entire children's choir.

He talked about how he auditioned for X-Men while he was in the musical Oklahoma! and actually did the audition between the matinee and evening performances.

He told the story of getting a phone call late at night from Steven Spielberg, who he didn't believe it was at first. And then telling his wife, "You're about to go to bed with the host of the 81st Oscars," and her saying, "What, is Billy Crystal here?"

He told a great story about his dad flying to New York and back over a weekend to see him perform at Carnegie Hall, and him telling his dad, "It's business casual, not black tie," and his dad showing up all dressed up anyway, and Hugh saying, "Didn't you get my message?" and his dad answering, "My son is singing at Carnegie Hall. It's black tie."

One of the highlights was the Les Miserables medley, including "One Day More" sung by the whole ensemble. Another highlight was getting to hear the song "This Is Me" from his new movie musical, The Greatest Showman on Earth, about the life of PT Barnum. I for one cannot wait.
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Starting my very belated year in review for media.

In 2014, I saw 7 movies at the cinema, same as the previous year.

The LEGO Movie - The most annoying thing about this movie was the cliched "ordinary guy is the Chosen One" plot, complete with the much cooler woman who inexplicably falls for him. The third best thing about this movie was "Everything is Awesome". The second best thing about this movie was the unexpectedly moving real world segment. The very best thing about this movie was, of course, LEGO Batman.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - ALL THE FEELINGS.

X-Men: Days of Future Past - So many things to be excited about.

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno - AHH

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends - AHHHHH

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 - A great adaptation so far. I already know that Part 2 is going to rip my heart out.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Whatever, I'm just here for the ride. Except I apparently need the Extended Edition if I want to see all the scenes.

Just like last year, these are all adaptations from other media. A sign of the times?
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And here we are, at the end of all things.

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It's hard to believe it's finally over. I've complained about various aspects of the films, but all in all, it's an epic I'd never imagined I would ever get to see on screen.
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Just got back from seeing this. Random thoughts.

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Saw this last night at the Japanese Film Festival. Brief but spoilery reactions.

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I'm seeing the third and final movie tonight. To be continued...
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In 2013, I saw 7 movies at the cinema, up from 6 the previous year.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - It's as ridiculous as it sounds, but I was expecting that, so I enjoyed myself. I liked the brother and sister carrying on the family business of hunting monsters and saving people, though I could have done without the "evil witches are ugly, good witches are beautiful" thing.

The Great Gatsby - I fell into the sweet spot of liking the book enough to be curious about the adaptation, but not so much that I was invested in it being perfect. I still don't think Leonardo di Caprio and Toby Maguire fit my image of Gatsby and Nick, although Carey Mulligan was a marvellous Daisy. And Baz being Baz, it was visually spectacular.

Much Ado About Nothing - Delightful.

Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo - KAWORU. Also, next year is 2015, I feel so old.

Gatchaman - I loved Battle of the Planets growing up. Unfortunately, this live action adaptation was a terrible movie. Some really painful humour, clunky acting, and cliched plot developments. It didn't help that in the flashback scenes, which showed three of the characters as kids, I mistook one of them for a different character until very late. Also forever disappointed that, unlike Space Battleship Yamato, they didn't use any of the original music, like the theme tune for the God Phoenix plane transformation.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - A pretty solid adaptation of a pretty solid book. I'll be checking out the final instalments, though they'll probably traumatise me all over again.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Frankly, it's nothing like the book anymore, but I'm just rolling with it.

I've just realised these are all adaptations from other media - is it me or is it just movies these days?
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Days of Future Past is my absolute favourite storyline from the X-Men animated series, so I was thrilled when I heard they were making this into the next movie. (Even if I couldn't expect Gambit to star in it.) Then again, we've all been burned before, so I tried to moderate my expectations.

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So I was planning to watch it eventually, since I'm following the Marvel movies, but I had so much other viewing to get through, maybe I could just rent the DVD later or something? But then a fic or two got recced my way, I read them, and suddenly it became VERY IMPORTANT to go see this movie as soon as possible.

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And, uh, I might have spent the fortnight since mainlining fic, catching up on reaction posts, and looking up interviews - but mostly mainlining fic. I don't think I've read through so many tens of thousands of words since XMFC. Most of my recent activity has been in small fandoms, so it's a giddy feeling to be so spoiled for choice.

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But since I didn't have a camera on me, that moment will be forever lost in time, alas.

(When I walked into Kinokuniya to pick up the new Dexter book, and saw the gathered crowd, I thought, oh, must be an author talk. When I realised they were all screaming and holding smartphones up, I started wondering, is Neil Gaiman back in town? Or is it that guy from One Direction? Finally, I noticed the Thor posters everywhere, and squinted again at the youngish, fairish, pleasant looking man on stage, getting photos with people, and the lightbulb went on.)
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In 2012, I saw 6 movies at the cinema, down from 7 the previous year.

The Hunger Games - A great adaptation that captures the spirit of the books. Intense. I'm almost scared to watch the rest of the movies when they come out.

Prometheus - This seemed to be a love it or hate it movie, and I was one of those who loved it. The science fictional sense of wonder was so awe inspiring, I was happy to forgive the many plot holes. I hope they continue to explore the mysteries of this universe.

Brave - An enjoyable adventure with some unexpected twists. Not the movie I was expecting when I walked in, but I liked the story it had to tell.

Rurouni Kenshin - A fantastic adaptation of a series I have much nostalgia for.

Les Miserables - A movie about one of my favourite musicals. Totally worth the long wait.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - A fun romp with plenty of familiar faces.

The Hobbit

Dec. 30th, 2012 04:15 pm
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I feel that making three movies is rather milking it, but I'm going to watch them all anyway.

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I'm still amazed to think it's been ten years since the Lord of the Rings.
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A movie of one of my favourite musicals. A movie with Hugh Jackman as the lead. A movie I've been looking forward to ever since I heard about it. Awesome!

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I should be asleep by now. But then again, I should have been home over an hour ago, too.

Anyway. At this year's Japanese Film Festival, the one must-see movie for me was the live action Rurouni Kenshin. I watched the anime series back in the day, and retain fond memories of how cool and dramatic and fun it was.

So, the movie?


The original series shifted in tone between serious drama and light comedy, and the movie captured that beautifully. And the casting! They got it right. How you get real life actors who look exactly like these characters, I don't know. They all played their parts brilliantly. And the story did a great job of bringing together the characters in ways that worked and gave them each a chance to shine, and having a plot that showed off the action and highlighted the themes.

It was cool and dramatic and fun.

You could tell the audience was made up of fans. There were cheers whenever a beloved character appeared for the first time, and there was applause at the start and the end. But I have no idea if there was any bonus material in the closing credits - I was too busy running out the door to Town Hall station.

The ranty bit (ie why I am awake and online):

The movie was delayed by almost an hour, which is very poor form for an 8:30 PM movie. During the second half, I kept wondering, "When do the trains stop running on weeknights?" and "I hope this isn't a three hour movie."

It turned out to be only two hours long, but that was still enough for me to miss the last train home by ten minutes. I ended up catching another line, and having to take a taxi the rest of the way, which cost as much as the movie ticket had. I'm sure I wasn't the only one affected.

(PS. It was great to catch up with [ profile] kawak and [ profile] fluffyduck and [ profile] evilhayama at the screening. I hope you guys made it home okay.)

(PPS. And what do you know, in my inbox has arrived an Event Cinemas feedback survey. I think I'll be making use of that.)
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I hop around various blogs sometimes in search of recs or meta. A few days back, I came across [ profile] giandujakiss's post asking for Captain America fic recs about Steve adjusting to the 21st century. It happens that this kind of "modern world through another perspective" thing is a trope I really like, even though I haven't really been following the Avengers universe stuff. (Um, I saw Iron Man back when...?)

So, I followed the links, and somehow, this has turned into falling a little in love with this Steve guy, which has turned into devouring a whole bunch of Steve/Tony fic. Last time I got into a fandom before I saw the source was Smallville. Ulp. Do I really need yet another fandom?


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