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Everyone kept telling me how fantastic Phoenix Wright 3 was, how it tied all the storylines together, how it brought the series to a satisfying conclusion.

And they were right.

I love it when the threads of past and present meet. I love it when the actions of the old generation have consequences that reverberate onto the new generation. The interconnectedness of the storylines from all the games reminds me a bit of Lost. Not on the same scale as six seasons, but three games is still a fair amount of canon to weave together.

Spoilers )

Thank you, [ profile] leenabeans, for lending me these games. They were brilliant fun, and I appreciate it very much.

PS Fic recs, anyone?
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I was supposed to post this ages ago, but anyway.

[ profile] leenabeans, I'm not sure whether to thank you or curse you for getting me hooked on these games. Possibly both. On the one hand, I didn't get much done for an entire month. On the other hand, I was delivering justice for all!

Maybe the first game has trained me well in lateral thinking and wild improbabilities. Becauses I think I'm getting better at working out whodunnit, it's just getting harder to find the evidence to pin it on the culprit. So, plotwise, there was less of the wow factor than the first game, but the characters continue to grow on me.

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Phoenix Wright fic rec:

Legally Blind by Alorian

Court battle! Surprising revelations! Slight slashiness. No spoilers.

Smallville vid rec:

Bad Romance by sisabet

Clark! Lex! Doomed love! Destined archrivalry! It's been years since I've watched Smallville, but oh, once it was my big massive fandom of joy. This vid is everything I loved about the show and everything I wished it could be, like watching futurefic come to life. And the incorporation of material from the comic and cartoon and movie *works*, amazingly, and makes it feel so much more epic. Because it is.
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You graduate from law school. You become a defence attorney. You get to run murder trials! You get to question witnesses and investigate crime scenes and collect evidence! You get to fight for justice! Best of all, you get to bang on the table in court and shout "Objection!" Who wouldn't want to be a lawyer? XD

It reminds me of the Sierra adventure games I loved as a kid, where they knew how to tell a good story: one with characters who mattered, emotional highs and lows, and a deeply satisfying ending. Here the stakes are always high, with an innocent person wrongly accused, and the real murderer roaming free. The cases are like brilliantly plotted detective mysteries, with as many mindbending twists as Jonathan Creek. That is the real highlight of the game - the chain of revelations, each overturning all our previous assumptions, done to great effect in the courtroom confrontations. And then there is the continuity, character histories woven in so that the cases are personal, and this link between past and present makes it feel almost epic.

It seems impossible that it could get better than this. I am awed that it apparently does.

(Postscript 1: I am pleased that this is a very forgiving game, which simply doesn't allow you to clear the stage until you have completed all the necessary tasks. Unlike some other games where you can hit a dead end, because of a key you missed picking up six hours ago and have no way to go back for.)

(Postscript 2: Edgeworth was such an ass to begin with! Every time he smiled that supercilious smile and wagged his finger rebukingly, I wanted to punch him in the face. (Who the hell *does* order a second autopsy report anyway?) But, well, I guess it turns out he's a poor woobie after all.)
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On Saturday, I went over to [ profile] leenabeans's place for her birthday, and caught up with [ profile] houkoholic, [ profile] sentxd and [ profile] ruri_strife. We climbed Mount Annan (192 metres above sea level!), checked out the sundial (right before the sun set), and had dinner in The Outback (well, the restaurant).

Also, [ profile] leenabeans lent me the first game of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

And, er, that was kind of the rest of my weekend. >_<

Okay, I finally get what everyone is on about.


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