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Phoenix Wright fic rec:

Legally Blind by Alorian

Court battle! Surprising revelations! Slight slashiness. No spoilers.

Smallville vid rec:

Bad Romance by sisabet

Clark! Lex! Doomed love! Destined archrivalry! It's been years since I've watched Smallville, but oh, once it was my big massive fandom of joy. This vid is everything I loved about the show and everything I wished it could be, like watching futurefic come to life. And the incorporation of material from the comic and cartoon and movie *works*, amazingly, and makes it feel so much more epic. Because it is.
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After months of unexplained hiatus, Smallville returns to Channel Nine this Saturday. And they've given it an 8:30 PM timeslot, which should mean the end of all those episodes mutilated by censorship.

Also, gakked from [ profile] mirness:

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you? )
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From Comic Shop News #859:

Teen Titans Robin and Superboy guest-star in Superman/Batman #7, guest-illustrated by Dreamwave's Pat Lee. The two young heroes have forged a common bond - each working in the shadows of a prominent mentor, seeking to find their own identity in the super-hero world - and now work closely as teammates. Now they must deal with Robin's shocking discovery that Superboy's genetic makeup contains DNA not only from Superman, but also from Lex Luthor. Will they let their mentors know?

Maybe all those Smallville mpreg writers are onto something after all...
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I wrote this story for the SV Flash Fic Challenge and [ profile] sandram. Pairing: Clark/Lex. Rating: PG-13. Challenge: see end of story.

The rest of the stories for the challenge can be found here.

SV fic: After The End )
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Friday was AnimeUNSW screening night - the first one of the session, which meant much welcome catch up with people. Except that I didn't get to mingle as much as I usually do, because there were quite a few things I actually wanted to watch at the screening. The main one was the feature, The Cat Returns.

I knew nothing about it before I saw it, apart from the fact it was a new Studio Ghibli film. And that was enough of a draw for me. The story turned out to be about a girl, Haru, who saves the life of a cat one day and as a result gets drawn into all sorts of strange adventures - but that doesn't do justice to the movie at all. It was everything I could have expected: funny, charming, wistful, heroic, and full of wonders. This is one I'd want on my shelf.

I missed the second half of the screening because I nicked off to dinner with the gang and didn't come back till the end. We went to Gourmet Pizza Kitchen, which was chosen on the basis that it was one of the few places which would accommodate a group our size. Talk at my end of the table was mostly RO. (And yes, when I went home I played some... ^^;) It was a pretty good night all up, and I'm looking forward to next time.

Went shopping in the city on the weekend, primarily for cosplay components, although I also succumbed to the evil lure of Kinokuniya. Spent two hours walking through Paddy's Markets completely failing to find a cross-shaped brooch, which I'll have to do without. However, I managed to get hold of most of the other stuff I need. Three days to go until I leave for Manifest, and once again I'm trying to finish things up at the eleventh hour. Still slightly unnerved by the increasing number of people I know who are going - I foresee the Manifest organisers being overwhelmed by a horde of Sydneysiders.

Argh. Still have that story to finish for the SV Flash Fic Challenge before I go. The deadline has been extended from 7 August to 12 August, but that's no huge help to me since I'm going to be away the whole weekend. I guess I'll just have to sit myself in front of the computer and make it happen. What I've got so far, however, makes me suspect that it's not going to be quite what my requester expected...
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1. Finally got to see The Matrix Reloaded. I wasn't disappointed, but then again I had been keeping my expectations modest after the rather lukewarm reviews. I didn't mind the lack of plot - who's watching Matrix for the plot? - but the action sequences, while spectacular, dragged on too long. It's as though the makers were trying to pump each set piece for all it was worth, but only ended up pumping it dry. The ending was also clumsily done - they should have cut it a few minutes earlier. You know, after *that* scene. It would have made an awesome ending. Instead, we got something that looked like it was supposed to be a suspenseful cliffhanger, but just wasn't. Well, I guess we'll have to see what November brings.

2. Went to Con*descending on the long weekend. Had a lot of fun. Played one of the lords of Minas Tirith in the Middle-Earth freeform. Witnessed Eorl the Young, who in the histories is the founder of Rohan, decide to name his fledgling nation Eorlworld instead. Also played Jubilee in the X-Men freeform, which gave me an excuse to run around and be hyper. Got repeatedly hit on by Jean Grey, who was affected by Magneto's mind control. Or possibly not. And my team won a prize for one of the games we played! I've been going to RPG cons for years, but it's the first time I've won a prize. I usually skip out before prizegiving, once the last game ends. Maybe I should attend more often. Yeah, I know the game's the important thing, but still, I feel absurdly happy every time I see that shiny new trophy on my shelf.

3. I've started playing Ragnarok Online, hooked by other addicts who shall not be named. Although I used to MUSH a fair bit back in uni, this is the first MMORPG I have joined. It is is cute and addictive and I suspect it will eat up a lot of hours if I let it. My archer has reached level 16 and has started exploring the world beyond his village. Right now, I'm trying to work out which are good places to level up and which are good places to get killed.

4. I haven't been slacking off completely. Part 5 of Ties of Blood is done and is now at betaing. Woohoo. To those who have been waiting patiently for the next part to show up: I'm sorry it's taken so long, and I hope to have it up soon.

5. I haven't been able to spend much time on Smallville lately, which feels weird. It's been my primary fandom for over a year now, and it bothers me to be falling out of the loop. I'm behind with everyone's LiveJournals, and it's been over a fortnight since I last checked the Smallville Slash Archive. I used to visit everyday. (Yes, I realise that sounds sad. Why do you ask?) The last time I read a TWoP recap was months ago, although that may change now that the bastards at Channel Nine have taken Smallville off the air again. They even advertised 'Lineage' as the season finale, which is a fucking lie. It's episode seven, you morons! *Seven*!

6. Finally picked up my own copy of the Spirited Away DVD, after months of waiting for the official Australian release. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It broke box office records in Japan when it was released, it won this year's Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and it has replaced My Neighbour Totoro as my favourite ever Miyazaki movie. The thing I like best is the genuine sense of wonder it evokes. It's the kind of movie that makes you want to share it with everyone you know.
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The end of another week, and I haven't been very productive at all. Last week was all about catching up with people; this week it was running around paying bills and other stuff. Adjusting to the sudden cold snap and how early it gets dark now.

It's not even winter yet.

I did enjoy watching the Smallville episode 'Heat', which I'd been looking forward to even more than the season premiere.

Do I even need to cut for spoilers anymore? )
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After waiting so long for the new season of Smallville to start, I feel like I should say something about 'Vortex'. But the truth is, it's got to be one of the most thoroughly discussed and analysed episodes of the season, and I'm not sure how much I can add.

Smallville 'Vortex' musings )
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Smallville is on the cover of this week's Sun-Herald Television Magazine!

Text of article and scans )
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It's time for the [ profile] wednesday100 again. And this time I made the deadline. Woohoo!

SV drabble: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? )
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The good news: Smallville is finally back! The first episode of Season Two airs here on 5 April.

The bad news: Nine is showing it at 7:30pm, which means it's going to get cut to pieces again. After the hack job they did last season, I hate to think what they're going to do to some of the episodes. This just sucks.

Anyway. For this week's [ profile] wednesday100:

SV drabble: Ambitions )
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Finished reading the Smallville novel I borrowed from the library a few weeks ago. When I originally saw it at the bookstores, I was tempted to buy it. Now I'm glad I didn't. It's not that it's an awful book - it's just not particularly good.

The book is Strange Visitors by Roger Stern, and as someone who has read her share of tie-in novels, I can say that this is one of the ones you have to force yourself to finish.

No spoilers, just ranting. And some quotes worth sharing. )
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For this week's [ profile] wednesday100 challenge. Missed the deadline again. Here it is anyway.

SV drabble: Three Hour Drive )
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Argh. I'm away from the net for a day and a half, and I come back to find I've missed this week's [ profile] wednesday100 challenge. It's the time zone thing - trying to keep track of when Wednesday starts and ends on the other side of the world...

There's some brilliant, heartbreaking stuff there. Don't read if you're already depressed. Too many amazing fics to list them all, but I have to mention [ profile] velvetglove's Unemployment, which hurts in a different way, [ profile] aelita's Visit, which just hurts bad, and [ profile] spike21's Last Wall, which hurts because it's going to come true.

But - miraculously - there are ways even a break-up fic can make you smile, like [ profile] ladyvyola's Sympathy Pains, [ profile] aelita's It's always about trust., [ profile] ubertodd's Two People You've Never Met, and [ profile] hyperfocused's We're breaking up.
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Does anyone else think that the t.A.T.u song "All the Things She Said" would have made a good Clark/Lex vid? If it weren't for the gender-specific pronouns, that is - but I have to say, when I'm listening to the song, they sort of blend into the music and all you can hear is the emotion.

And because I don't think I've posted it here yet:

SV fic: Gods and Monsters )


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