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The story I wrote for Allekha was:

Title: On the Wings of Love
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Tags: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmates Aren't Always Mutual, Wings Only Visible to Soulmates, Wingfic
Rating: G
Summary: Yuuri knew about Victor before he even knew about soulmates.

Thank you again to rsadelle for your awesome From Eroica With Love story, Natural Affinity.

You can find all the Soul Exchange stories here.
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Works are revealed for Soul Exchange! And I was very excited to receive a wonderful From Eroica With Love story:

Title: Natural Affinity
Fandom: From Eroica With Love
Summary: Some people were lucky enough to turn eighteen without having someone else's name appear on their wrist. Klaus was not one of them. He wasn't lucky enough to keep the name secret forever either.

It's a delightful adventure that could have been a missing chapter of canon, with the added complication of being soulmates. Thank you so much, dear writer!

45 works in 39 fandoms, all about soulmates and soulbonds.
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Dear Soul Exchange Writer,

Thank you so much for offering to write a story for me! I love all these fandoms, and I'm really keen to see what you do in them! I hope that the tropes in the additional tags provide you with inspiration, but I'd also love to see whatever other ideas capture your imagination.

For me, it's about the characters and their relationships. I'm not a stickler for canon details, as long as the spirit of the characters and the flavour of their world is there. I want to see adventures that might have been, or missing moments from between scenes, or a slice of their daily lives, or where the future might take them.

LIKES: Some of the things I like in soulmate stories are: anticipation, waiting, pining, secrecy, misunderstandings, sacrifice, learning about each other, and requited feelings. Some of the things I like in soulbond stories are soulbonding being an unexpected surprise - maybe an accident, maybe an emergency - and characters having to scramble to deal with the fallout.

DISLIKES: I generally prefer optimistic stories in exchanges, so I'm not keen on anything that is brutally violent or depressingly bleak. However, I don't mind darkness as long as there is a glimmer of light. Bittersweet endings are also fine.

RATING: I've requested both gen and ships in this exchange. For the latter, I'm fine with explicit sex, but it's usually not the most important part of the story for me.

STYLE: I'm fine with first, second, or third person. I'm fine with past or present tense. I'm fine with stories of any length, including stories that start in media res or consist of a scene that implies a larger plot.

CROSSOVERS: I would prefer no crossovers with other canons.

AUS: I like seeing the characters in their own settings, so I would prefer no alternate universes like high school, coffee shop, or omegaverse. However, I like alternate universes where something happened differently in canon. And I'm fine with alternate universes that are different from ours because soulmates and soulbonds have changed society.

I hope this helps. Have fun writing!

Yours sincerely,

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(AO3 name Serenade)


Request 1: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) (Ray Holt & Jake Peralta) - fanfic )

Request 2: From Eroica with Love (Klaus von dem Eberbach/Dorian Red Gloria) - fanfic )

Request 3: Life on Mars (UK) (Gene Hunt & Sam Tyler OR Gene Hunt/Sam Tyler) - fanfic )


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