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I'm a sucker for secret novelist stories. (If you have any recs, let me know!) And I think it's no coincidence that all these secret stories, in the end, are love stories.

Title: Turn The Page
Author: Troll Princess
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean gets a new hobby after Sam leaves for Stanford.

Title: Tour de Force
Author: thehoyden
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Summary: "Write what you know" was good enough advice for Jo March, so it's good enough for Patrick Kane.

Title: Gonna Write a Classic
Author: jezziejay
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Summary: The AU where Stiles writes porn to help him through college and Derek becomes his muse.
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So I already kind of knew that the boys of Supernatural were going to be doing a convention in Sydney in April.

Guess what?

It's at the University of New South Wales!

Not only that.

It's in the Sir John Clancy Auditorium.

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Man, where on earth did the week go? Anyway, here is my rather belated Supanova report.

Day 1 - aka Nichelle Nichols Is Made Of Win )

Day 2 - aka Jared Padalecki Day )

Photos )
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So, yeah, Supanova is the one convention I attend every year, because I am totally a pop culture geek, and it doesn't even matter who the guests are, though I've gotten to hear and meet some pretty awesome people in the past.

Anyways, Hayden Panettiere was the major guest headlining the list this year, till she had to pull out because of overtime filming. It didn't faze me that much, because my big burning love of Heroes has faded to the warm embers of yesteryear, and I was far more interested in seeing Nichelle Nichols, who is an icon and a pioneer and seems like she would have a wealth of fascinating stories to share.

So I'm browsing online and come across the announcement of the guest who is replacing Hayden.


I burst out laughing in front of the computer. Seriously.

I found my own reaction a little surprising, actually. On reflection, I think I reacted like that because Heroes and Supernatural were the two shows I was completely obsessed with all of last year, and yet the most recent seasons have sapped most of my interest in them. So it's kind of like, man, ironic timing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still interested in checking out his talk, except he's only doing a Q&A session on the Sunday, which isn't the day I'd planned on going. So would it be lame to switch days, considering the place will probably be packed out with Supernatural fans, and I might not get a spot in the auditorium? But if I don't even try, isn't that even lamer, considering the likelihood of him setting foot on this continent again?

Actually, the lamest thing is probably me worrying about something like this and then posting it for everyone on the net to see. Oh well.
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What I find fascinating about the reaction to Nevermore, the first Supernatural tie-in novel, is that the fans don't ask, "Is it as good as the series?" but "Is it as good as the fanfic?" Which says much about the calibre of the writing in this fandom.

Musings )
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Used to be I would log in to LJ after an episode had aired in the US, eager to catch up with developments, heedless of potential spoilers. This season though, with only a ten day lag, I've been avoiding the spoilers. So I haven't been following the US discussion much, and I don't know how fandom is reacting to each episode.

Spoilers )
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In which we have witty repartee aplenty.

Spoilers )
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Now this is more like it.

Spoilers )
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Personally, I liked the movie better.

Spoilers )
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The first episode of the season that made me laugh.

Spoilers )
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Well. It was better than the previous episode.

Spoilers )
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I should probably post about the season premiere of Supernatural before the next episode airs tonight. Just like with Heroes, we're a mere ten days behind the US. Normally I would be full of squee at this - but, well.

All I can say is that it hasn't been a very good week for TV.

Spoilers )
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Title: Five Other Universes Where Sam and Dean Are Brothers
Author: Serenade
Fandom: Supernatural (AU crossover with X-Files/Tru Calling/Labyrinth/Watership Down/Buffy)
Category: Gen
Rating: PG
Summary: Some things never change.

Five Other Universes Where Sam and Dean Are Brothers )
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Two Step by Luminosity
Song: 'Two Step' by the Dave Matthews Band
Spoilers: to 2x14 'Born Under a Bad Sign'

This vid has been described as Romance with a capital R - that is, not in the modern sense of hearts and flowers, but in the classic sense of epic story. It's about the shadow of doom hanging over the brothers, and the fleeting moments of happiness snatched in between. They don't know if it will all end in tragedy, but they're taking life one day at a time - and somehow, that's hopeful and affirming even in the face of implacable destiny.

Turn You Inside Out by sisabet
Song: 'Turn You Inside Out' by R.E.M.
Spoilers: to 2x14 'Born Under a Bad Sign'

This vid is all about the Winchesters - Sam and Dean and John - and their complicated family relationship. It's an absorbing psychological portrait of what they mean to each other, how they hurt each other, and how they save each other.

Invincible by Wolfpup
Song: 'Invincible' by Pat Benatar
Spoilers: to 1x22 'Devil's Trap'

I mean, it's *Pat Benatar*, peoples! A great action vid - Sam and Dean, fighting the good fight, often bloodied but never bowed, their own lost innocence fuelling their determination to face down evil whenever it rises.

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Big Mama G
Song: 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' by The Proclaimers
Spoilers: to 2x17 'Heart'

Who does not love this song? WHO DOES NOT LOVE THIS SONG? This vid makes me gloriously happy - every time I watch it, I end up with a huge silly grin on my face. It's funny and clever and uplifting, and Dean is so the man who would go a thousand miles for Sam.
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Until the Day I Die (I'll Spill My Heart For You) by Jules
Song: 'Until the Day I Die' by Story of the Year
Spoilers: to 2x10 'Hunted'

As years go by
I race the clock with you
But if you die right now
You know that I'd die too

Oh, Dean. Your devotion to Sam just breaks my heart. Yeah, this vid was on replay a lot, why do you ask?

Welcome to My Life by Jules
Song: 'Welcome to My Life' by Simple Plan
Spoilers: to 2x03 'Bloodlust'

I love that this song is pretty much one huge melodramatic teenage angstfest, and yet it fits Dean Winchester perfectly. Because some days, it really does suck to be him.

I Woke Up in a Car by Ringwench
Song: 'I Woke Up in a Car' by Something Corporate
Spoilers: to 1x22 'Devil's Trap'

Originally a tribute to the Metallicar, but also life on the road, and how a car can come to mean home. Also shows Sam's journey over the course of Season One, from reluctant passenger to equal driver in their quest. A great song, and a great road trip vid, and what I love most about it is the sheer *joy* that shines through it.

Shuffle Your Feet by Luminosity
Song: 'Shuffle Your Feet' by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Spoilers: to 2x08 'Crossroad Blues'

One of the reasons I'm hooked on vids is because they keep introducing me to cool new music. And this song, with its infectious melody and foreboding lyrics, is the perfect accompaniment to a mytharc vid with a strong undercurrent of doom. It's Season Two, the dark is closing in on the boys, and like the song keeps asking, "Who knows if I'll see you again?"
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Extras on the Region 1 (US) Supernatural Season One DVDs:

  • Commentary on "Pilot" by creator Eric Kripke, director David Nutter, and producer Peter Johnson
  • Commentary on "Phantom Traveller" by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
  • "Supernatural: Tales from the Edge of Darkness" - 15 minute never-before-seen making of documentary
  • "Day in the Life of Jared and Jensen" - Never-before-seen featurette focusing on Jared and Jensen on the set of Supernatural
  • Gag reel
  • Unaired scenes
  • Still gallery
  • DVD-ROM capabilities with link to exclusive website content featuring a sneak-peek into season 2, original pilot script, access to Dean's computer and much more

Extras on the Region 4 (Australia) Supernatural Season One DVDs:

  • None.

(Fortunately there are lovely people in fandom like [ profile] stir_of_echoes who are kind enough to share these things with us.)
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Ten Things I Love by [ profile] ignipes - Ten things to love about each episode - and some of these lists are a lot longer than ten. Reading them reminds me why I love this show and makes me warm and glowy inside.

The Dudemeter! - Ever wondered how many times Sam and Dean say "dude" per episode? Well, hey, this is the internet - *someone* out there is keeping track.

Conversational Winchester for Trolls by [ profile] eloise_bright - Because "I'm fine" means anything but. This is all the more funny for being disturbing accurate.

King Winchester by [ profile] azalaea - If Shakespeare wrote Supernatural. I am a huge fan of King Lear so I adored this. But even if you're not - they talk in *iambic pentameter*. How cool is that?
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Bricks by Luminosity
Song: 'Enter Aretha Mashup' by Rolf Schraa
Spoilers: to 2x01 'In My Time of Dying'

I swear this would make a great promotional video for the show. Well, given that it contains spoilers, that is. But it's stuffed full of action scenes and dramatic moments (including *that* shot from 'Dead in the Water') and it makes me go, whoa, that's pretty damn cool.

A Brother's Love by Jules
Song: 'The Special Two' by Missy Higgins
Spoilers: to 1x22 'Devil's Trap', but mostly for 1x18 'Something Wicked'

This vid says so much about why I love this show. It takes a song about one kind of betrayal and an episode about another kind of betrayal, and fuses them into a paean about brotherhood and everything it means. Which is to say, watch this and you'll understand a bit more about why this show is my new obsession.

Fun With Slapstick! by Ringwench
Song: 'Benny Hill' theme
Spoilers: none

It's not all angst all the time. A lighthearted look at the boys and their antics.
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If I ever did that "describe your fandoms as though they were relationships" meme, the entry for Supernatural would go something like this:

"The first year I knew you, I liked hanging out together because you were charming and dorky and fun to be with. Then one day I turned around and you were totally smoking hot and how come I never noticed before?"

So why has this show suddenly taken over my life?

Well... )


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