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Gravitation was not the first BL series I was into.

Three interesting facts about Bronze:

* The official title is Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989. It has been *twenty years* since Koji and Izumi met! They ought to be pushing forty by now. (Actually, it would be interesting to see a story where Koji is an aging washed up rocker and Izumi has retired from soccer to coaching.)

* It has been almost that long in real life since the manga began. And it's *still going*. I don't know if it's accurate to say it's jumped the shark - more like it's jumped the shark, circled around, and jumped it a couple more times for good measure.

* For all its status as one of the classic BL manga, it has still not been licensed for English translation.

(You know, now that I have my own domain, I could inflict *all* my ancient websites on the world! Including the one from Tripod with embedded MIDI files of my favourite angsty songs.)

(But I won't.)
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Welcome back, Shuichi and friends:

I came across Gravitation in 1999, when I found the first volume of the manga in a Chinatown newsagency. I picked it up on the strength of the cover and what I could make out of the blurb. (The words "dangerous love" sealed the deal.) But there was almost nothing on the internet about it. I had to navigate the story on my own.

I built the site in 2001. You can tell its age. I designed the splash page for 640 x 480 resolution. People were still into guestbooks and webrings and banner exchanges. I burned my scans onto CD only because I couldn't fit them all onto a floppy. But they were heady days. I spent hours slaving over a hot scanner or bent over a dictionary, but I didn't care, because I was trying to interpret this story for myself, and sharing my enthusiasm with others who loved it too.

I last updated the site in 2003. Partly because it went offline when the latest of its many hosts went down. Partly because my time became taken up with other activities. And partly because the manga and the anime came out in English, and all of a sudden everyone could experience the story for themselves.

I think the fire has passed, although affection remains. And I'm pleased I can give the site a home again, finally, this tribute to the "dangerous love" that captivated me once upon a time.
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After years of bouncing between webhosts, and a long period of hiatus, I am pleased to announce that my website has acquired a permanent home at last:

Here you can find my fannish projects, recommendations, and stories, including some which are not publicly archived anywhere else.

It's only a small corner of the world, but it's my own. Yay!
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Thanks to [ profile] pelrun, we're up and running again. The temporary addresses for my websites are:

Wild Angel's Gate

Gravitation Fan Station

Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989

Further updates will be posted here.
meteordust: (Default), the host for my websites, is unavoidably down until further notice. This means that Wild Angel's Gate and Gravitation Fan Station won't be accessible for the time being. It will probably be a couple of weeks before everything is up and running again. I will be trying to find temporary web hosting in the meantime. The fanfics are still available at FF.Net.
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Just updated Gravitation Fan Station with a new character profile.

Now, I plan to lock myself in my room with Order of the Phoenix.

Don't expect to see me online tonight. :)
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I've been a bit slack with Gravitation updates for, mm, a while now. But the news that Tokyopop will soon be releasing the manga in English has rekindled my enthusiasm for the series. I never would have imagined that the day would come - I mean, shounen ai manga in English! Who knows, maybe we'll eventually see Zetsuai too.

Anyway, spent the weekend going through my Gravi manga again, and remembering why I love this story so much. Put together the manga guide for Track 4 and uploaded it to the website. Hoping to update a little more often than I have been.


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