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"God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now, I'm so far behind I will never die."

About me:

I'm an avid reader, a devoted viewer, and a casual gamer. I sometimes write fic.

On friending:

If you're wondering why I've friended you, it's probably because I like your work, or I enjoy reading your posts, or I'm interested in what you're up to. Please don't feel obliged to friend back or feel inhibited from defriending at any time.

On entries:

This journal is mostly for celebrating my fannish interests with anyone who shares them. I only ever lock posts if they contain information that might identify me in real life. This happens rarely. If you know my real name, please don't use it here.

On names:

Meteor was my very first online handle, and the one my real life friends use most. Serenade was the name I originally chose to use for my fandom activities, and I still sign my stories that way. These days, either is fine, or just meteordust is okay too.
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