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It feels like forever since I last posted. And it seems like even then, I've mostly been posting responses to media I've consumed. I kind of miss all the conversations I used to have with people here. But then again, I haven't been commenting much either, so it's partly my own fault.

I do miss mailing lists and discussion communities. There are a couple of fandoms I've become excited about lately, and it's hard to find somewhere I can go and squee about them. I'm reduced to trying to remember who on my friendslist was squeeing about them several weeks or several months back, and hunting for those posts. It's so decentralised.

So what have I been doing lately? Well. Writing a hell of a lot of Amber fic. Most of which I will eventually post. (I'm hoping people won't be too shocked when they descend on the archives next Yuletide, to find that Brand/Martin has taken over the fandom.) It's been rather lonely though, the fic community being so quiet. It's like the polar opposite of the massive exploding fandoms.

Other things I've gotten into lately:

* The Hunger Games - Read the trilogy: brilliant and devastating and really just that good. Watched the movie: a great adaptation that captures the spirit of the books. I also want to say that, despite the whitewashing issue, I thought Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic. This time last year, she was Raven Darkholme. But now and always, she will be Katniss Everdeen.

* Revenge - It's the best feeling to watch something that everyone has been raving about, and to find that it really does live up to its reputation. It reminds me of Veronica Mars, of course, and like Veronica Mars, I think it would work best as a show that gives us one perfect season: everything laid on the line, and brought to a satisfying conclusion. I just can't stop watching. Smart people! Elaborate plans! The protagonist and the antagonist being women of resource and presence and complexity. Also, *oh, Nolan*.

* The Legend of Korra - Totally worth the wait. Korra is a great heroine, bold and active and determined, with echoes of the Avatar in her, but also clearly her own person. Plus gorgeous steampunk worldbuilding. Welcome to Republic City!
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I realise that it is slightly ridiculous to return from a month long sabbatical, for the purpose of telling you that I will be away for a week in Perth (Swancon! quokkas! sunset over the ocean!), but anyway, there you go. I'm afraid I'm still behind on your updates, but I promise to catch up when I get back. Take care!
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Just a note to let you know that I've been on an unexpected sabbatical from LJ, which has lasted well over a month. I'm sorry if I've missed important things that have happened, and I'll do my best to catch up over the coming days.
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I feel like I've been off the edge of the map for a good while now, not counting missives dashed from airports and obligatory Yuletide letters and such. I think I owe a billion or so posts by now, including:

* What I did on my trip. Ten days in the Land of the Long White Cloud! Seems like a world away now, alas. Still, highlights post to come. I have been to Hobbiton! (And it was full of sheep.)

* The musicals I have been seeing. 2009 has been a good year: Chicago, Avenue Q, Wicked, Mamma Mia. Reviews to follow.

* My new Bleach obsession. I've been reading the Bleach manga on and off over the past year or two, as my library gets in the volumes, but I haven't really pursued it further. Except that now my sister has gotten into the Bleach anime in a serious way, and it seems two fans are enough to make a fandom. (Also. Rock Musical Bleach! I think I love it more than the manga and the anime combined.)

* Yuletide. This is my third year participating. The first two years, I wrote Escaflowne both times. I was thinking about not offering it this year, but then it was ruled ineligible anyway. So yay, I am doing something completely new! But argh, December! And what was an "eee!" of excitement a month ago is turning into an "eee!" of panic.

* Moving into my own home. This has been a saga of its own. But it seems the last few years of level grinding have finally paid off. Sydney people, I hope to have you over soon! Elsewhere than Sydney people, come visit me in Sydney! On the one hand, it feels slightly sad to be poring through homewares catalogues with excitement. On the other hand, it is like being in a giant version of The Sims.
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Man, it's been a while. I have about a dozen different things to post about. But because I have to get up early:

1. Fishers Ghost Festival in Campbelltown tomorrow! Woo! I grew up with the legend and never realised the reality lay so close to home, let alone that it had been adopted as a community celebration.

2. Yuletide nominations close in a little over twelve hours. Over 2500 rare fandoms have been nominated so far, and it is astonishing and delightful to see some of the names that have come up. Archy and Mehitabel! Prince of Persia! xkcd! And the fact that RPF has about a billion categories, from Film Critics to Heian Era to McCarthyism to Table Tennis.

3. NaNoWriMo is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Even though I've flamed out every time but the one, I am tempted.
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Because that seems to be the subject of every second post I make.


*gets down to catching up on a million LJ posts*
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Am back home safely. Luggage not so fortunate. Will hopefully see it in two days. Will post about trip when caught up on LJ and sleep.

In and out

Jul. 21st, 2006 12:58 pm
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Hey all, not dead, way behind on catching up with LJ, figured I should post anyway to let you know I'm getting on a plane soon for a two week overseas holiday. I've been posting so infrequently that you probably wouldn't have noticed anyway, but for the benefit of anyone who might try to contact me IRL, I'm not ignoring your calls or anything. XD

Will catch up when I get back! Don't burn down the internet while I'm away.
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There used to be a term for it in the old days - 'gafiate', from 'Getting Away From It All'. It was a way to describe the process of growing inactive in fandom, or the decision to leave it entirely.

I seem to have gafiated from fandom completely accidentally. Used to check LJ every day, and read fics, and download vids, and keep up with all the latest news. But somewhere along the line, real life kind of ate my online life. I'm still reading and watching as much as I used to - maybe even more - but I haven't been doing anything particularly fannish for a while now. Kept telling myself I'd catch up soon, but 'soon' is like 'tomorrow'. It will never arrive. There is only now.

So now, I'm here again. And I guess I've got a helluva lot to catch up on.
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Haven't posted for some time. Haven't posted regularly for a much longer time. Not for lack of things to report, but lack of time to report them. It's been a very full year for me - a year of immense change and major emotional highs and lows.

Only a week ago, the convergence of a number of endings in my life had me feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Leaving a job I love and the people I've grown close to there; farewelling a community I've been part of for almost two years; and saying goodbye to old friends going away overseas.

Now all of that seems so small compared with the tragedy of the tsunami. And I'm left feeling humbled.

Life is fragile. Every day is precious. And the time you have with the people you love should never be taken for granted.

Everything changes. That's the lesson I learned this year. All we can do is make the most of what we have, and the best of who we are, so that we can go forward leaving no regrets and a better world behind.

Stay safe, and may we meet again in 2005.
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Not dead, only busy, and procrastinating like hell over my Manifest report. There is, in fact, a huge backlog of stuff I want to write, including reviews of all the things I've been reading/watching/playing lately, not to mention some long overdue War of Emperium reports. Well, I hope to get some of this out of the way over the weekend. Thank you for your patience, and normal programming will resume shortly.


Aug. 2nd, 2004 12:43 am
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Not dead, just dreadfully distracted. Will post an update soon. In the meantime, can anyone help me with last week's episode of Oz? I set the VCR to tape it but messed up, and now I have an hour of some German news program instead of my weekly prison drama fix. >_


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