Dec. 8th, 2015

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Hugh Jackman is wasted in action movies.

I saw his show last Monday at the Entertainment Centre, and he totally owned the stage. Such a fantastic singer, dancer, and performer. So friendly and down to earth and funny. He really is the nicest guy!

Many of his friends and family were in the audience, and he did lots of shoutouts to them. He made jokes ragging on them and jokes at his own expense. He got ten thousand people to join in singing "Happy Birthday" to his wife. He flirted shamelessly with audience members and security guards. He tapdanced to "Singin' in the Rain". He sang "I Still Call Australia Home" backed by an entire children's choir.

He talked about how he auditioned for X-Men while he was in the musical Oklahoma! and actually did the audition between the matinee and evening performances.

He told the story of getting a phone call late at night from Steven Spielberg, who he didn't believe it was at first. And then telling his wife, "You're about to go to bed with the host of the 81st Oscars," and her saying, "What, is Billy Crystal here?"

He told a great story about his dad flying to New York and back over a weekend to see him perform at Carnegie Hall, and him telling his dad, "It's business casual, not black tie," and his dad showing up all dressed up anyway, and Hugh saying, "Didn't you get my message?" and his dad answering, "My son is singing at Carnegie Hall. It's black tie."

One of the highlights was the Les Miserables medley, including "One Day More" sung by the whole ensemble. Another highlight was getting to hear the song "This Is Me" from his new movie musical, The Greatest Showman on Earth, about the life of PT Barnum. I for one cannot wait.


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