Dec. 23rd, 2015

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So for the last few weeks, this is what I've been listening to, pretty much non-stop:

Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording CD

Others more eloquent than me have talked about what it means to them, to witness the story of America then, cast with people who look like America now. How it makes them feel part of the history of their nation for the first time. Powerful stuff.

I've never really been into American history. I've never been into rap and hip-hop before.

But I do love a good musical.

And Hamilton? Is a great musical.

The promo clip certainly grabbed my attention. ("My Shot" is irresistibly catchy: "Hey yo, I'm just like my country / I'm young, scrappy and hungry / And I'm not throwing away my shot!")

But what won my heart was Lin-Manuel Miranda's performance at the White House poetry jam, back when all he had was the first song. It was electrifying. (I get chills at "There's a million things he hasn't done / But just you wait, just you wait...")

Hamilton is doing so many things on so many levels: musically, thematically, emotionally. It's put together so beautifully. And there are so many moments in it that move me.

As Stephen Colbert said in his interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Late Show: "My first reaction was just like, oh, this is very interesting, this is very different, I wonder how long they can sustain this. And then you go, oh, this is actually quite magnificent. And then two hours later I'm going, why am I crying over Alexander Hamilton?"


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