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Still catching up on posts.

Unit One (Season 1)
Aka Rejseholdet, a Danish show about a detective who becomes the first female commander of the mobile police task force. I confess I picked this up partly because of Mads Mikkelsen, whose Fischer was just as sardonic as our favourite cannibal, but rather more of a young hothead. The show was okay as police procedurals go. But what I really wanted was the story of Ingrid winning over her new team, forging them into a strong unit, challenging the preconceptions of her superiors, and balancing her career and family life. There were elements of this, but they were secondary to the crime solving, which was slower paced than I prefer.

Outland (Season 1)
Australian comedy about a gay science fiction club. The first episode - where the main character is out as gay but in the closet as a geek, and trying to hide same from a potential date - was a bit painful, but it got better, and the short season ends on a high. Best bits were all the geeky references, and the moments showing why people connect through love of science fiction.

Free! (Season 1)
The high school swimming anime.

Continuum (Season 1)
A police officer from 2077 accidentally time travels back to our present, along with a band of terrorists who aim to start the revolution early. Now she must stop them from destroying the future and somehow get home to her world. Great science fiction with likeable characters. Also cool seeing X-Files alumni popping up here and there. (Woo, Vancouver!)

Doctor Who (Season 7)
I kind of fell behind for a while, largely because I could never warm to Amy and Rory. But I do really like Clara, in all her incarnations. And when I got to "The Day of the Doctor", my love for the show was rekindled a thousandfold.
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I'm not just way behind on these entries, but also way behind on TV - these shows all have second seasons I haven't finished or, in some cases, even started yet.

Legend of Korra (Season 1)
I love Republic City. I love Korra the hot-tempered teenage action hero. I love Lin Bei Fong who will not put up with your nonsense. I do not love the shipping. I love the moments of "whoa did that just happen on a kids' show?" I love that we get to experience more of this world.

Elementary (Season 1)
I had my reservations about the premise of the show (another Sherlock adaptation? and in America?), but they were quickly overcome by how well the characters worked and how fun the show was to watch, even though the mysteries could be a bit improbable. And it was so rewarding to see the characters change and grow, and their relationship change and grow, during the arc of the season.

Hannibal (Season 1)
I was totally not planning to watch this show, because serial killers and gory violence, and then I heard things that made me go OMG I HAVE TO WATCH, and I did (often through my fingers), and I meant to make several long posts with raving and meta and speculation. And then time got away from me. And then all of Season 2 happened, and I still haven't gotten around to watching it. *facepalm*

The Bletchley Circle (Season 1)
I was hooked when I heard the premise: during WWII, these four women worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park. Now, post-war, they've returned to their normal lives. But when one of them notices a pattern in a series of murders, she gets the gang together again and they start to investigate.
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It's been a quiet year for TV for me. Hmm. I miss being able to squee and speculate (and headdesk) along with the rest of a fandom.

Misfits (Seasons 1-2)
There are some shows I get hooked on that I would not necessarily recommend - unreservedly, anyway. Misfits is one of these, where a group of delinquent teenagers on community service suddenly obtain superpowers, and this secret ties them together. It's funny, but the humour is very black, and the show is rather graphic in terms of sex, violence and language. The characters are antisocial and frequently obnoxious, but there's something fascinating about a story where the characters should be unsympathetic, but because of the situations they face, they're the ones you're cheering for.

Revenge (Season 1)
I got into this because of the Count of Monte Cristo concept, and the Veronica Mars comparisons. And of course I love the trope of having to pretend to be someone else. A young woman takes on a new identity to bring down the wealthy family that destroyed her father. There really aren't many shows which feature a strong female protagonist and a strong female antagonist, and it was brilliant to see them facing off. Also, all the drama and plottiness and twistiness. (And Nolan! Who is awesome, and who I secretly ship with Emily, even though the show - and he himself - clearly does not.)
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So, after literally years of waiting for this to happen, how was it?

Well, I did get the very Eurovision experience of witnessing my country's performance and cringing with embarrassment. There was nothing actually wrong with DJ Brown's singing. But why the four dancers gyrating about the stage in black corsets and garters? I mean, really?

It especially stood out because most of the other countries went classic and conservative, with soulful ballads that were probably love songs. I have no idea what they thought of Australia.

The knockout performance of the evening was Indonesia, who was dressed like a queen, with even a jewelled eyepiece, and delivered a magnificent power ballad. Other interesting moments: Japan's cutesy pop idol trio in pink, Afghanistan's traditional string instrument and message to fellow citizens far from home, Korea's hip-hop dance moves and dramatic plumes of smoke and flame. Also, Korea being the host nation meant we got to see some special performances highlighting their music and drama.

It wasn't until the end that I discovered that it wasn't a song contest, but a song festival. So, no voting! Which might actually be for the best, considering regional tensions are still a live thing, and fits the theme of promoting harmony among the nations. So we ended up with all the performers coming back on stage to sing "Heal the World" together. Which is not a bad way to end things.
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At last, the Asia-Pacific Song Festival 2012 will air on SBS on Sunday 28 October at 9:30 pm. (And likely elsewhere and elsewhen if you're other than in Sydney.)

"Viewed by millions throughout Asia, this cultural event showcases the very best K-pop, J-pop, C-pop and music from member nations of the Asia Pacific Broadcast Union. SBS PopAsia's own Jamaica dela Cruz will be co-hosting the festival bringing the fun, glamour and nonstop pop direct to Australian viewers from KBS Hall in host city Seoul, South Korea. Representing Australia, DJ Havana Brown will be performing her triple platinum selling single 'We Run the Night' at the festival. (From South Korea, in English)"

It's not quite Eurovision - it doesn't sound like we get to vote? - but it's the closest we've come so far.

*waves flag and throws confetti*
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Ugly Betty (Seasons 3-4)
Season 3 flagged a bit, but as we headed into the home stretch of Season 4, the show hit its stride again, reminding me why I loved it so much to begin with. It dares to change, and Betty dares to change, evolving like a butterfly, and we head into new territory, and new challenges, as well as a graceful sweeping up of all the loose ends.

Glee (Season 2)
It's bizarre that this show can be so progressive in some areas, and then smack you in the face with something so offensive the next moment. I'm really not sure what to expect from Season 3. Except that I'm fear everyone is still inexplicably in love with Finn Hudson, the most uncharismatic guy on the show.

Doctor Who (Season 6)
I love that River Song got her story arc. Who would have thought, back in the days of "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead", when they seemed like a complete story already? Kudos to Alex Kingston for bringing this character to life. I cannot imagine her being played by anyone else. The Eleventh Doctor continues to be awesome, and I'm relieved to be farewelling Amy and Rory. Roll on the new season!

Supernatural (Season 3)
I finally finished this season, after grinding to a halt a couple of years back. It gets better from here, I gather. Looking forward to meeting all these angels and demons people keep going on about.

Hajime no Ippo (complete)
A solid shounen series, with a modest hero working hard for his dreams. Inspiring and motivating, despite me not generally being a fan of boxing. Also, it is somewhat amusing how deliberately blokey it is at regular intervals.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender (Seasons 1-3)
My hands down favourite show of the year. If you haven't watched it yet, it really *is* that good.

Last Friends (complete)
A J-drama about a group of unlikely friends who end up as housemates, their shared home a refuge as they face life issues including domestic violence, gender identity, and sexual identity. Some of it had me riveted to the screen, although some of it had me yelling at it.

30 Rock (Season 3)
Still an entertaining diversion, although I have the nagging feeling that it's not as liberal as it thinks it is.

Lost (Season 6)
This show had its ups and downs, but when it came to the endgame, it delivered. It achieved some amazing feats of storytelling, and for that it will be remembered.

Yaoh (complete)
A J-drama about host clubs, and one man who aims to be the top host in Shinjuku, aka the King of the Night. Soapy as anything, but strangely compelling and hopeful. The main antagonist has the *best outfits ever*. If you like melodrama, animal print suits, and handsome young men, you may enjoy this show.

Doctor Who (Season 5)
I have such mixed feelings about this season. I adore Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, but I just can't warm to Amy or Rory. I've never disliked any companions before, and I can't help it affecting how much I enjoy the show. Still, more River Song is awesome.

John Safran's Music Jamboree (complete)
A few years old, but clever, funny, and much less painful than his Race Relations series.

Glee (Season 1)
I love musicals. I love the singing. I love the mix of classic and contemporary songs. I like half the characters and dislike the other half. I am not sure these are the same halves as for the writers. I am fairly sure that I dislike their politics though.
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What I've been watching the past year.

My top recommendations )

My other favourite shows )

My biggest disappointments )
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What I've been watching the past year.

My top three recommendations )

My other favourite shows )

My biggest three disappointments )
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So the latest Sydney Morning Herald says that Lost In Austen will finally be airing in Australia on Sunday. Woot! But what arrested my attention was this information:

Last month Elton John's Rocket Pictures announced it will soon film Pride And Predator, a merging of bonnet drama and extraterrestrial horror/sci-fi, while a Hollywood bidding war has erupted for the film rights to the novel Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, a period parody by US producer and aspiring screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith.

I would so watch that, especially if Elizabeth Bennet got to take down the evil hordes with a rocket launcher.
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So I spent part of the holidays watching Chuck, burning through the first season in about a week. Back when I first heard about it, the premise didn't grab me at all: how many shows have we seen about young male nerds forced through circumstance to become secret agents? Chuck sounded no different from the rest. But fandom kept saying, this is really good, so I figured I had to check it out.

There are many reasons I like this show. I like how Chuck is a good person. I like that he has a great relationship with his sister and her boyfriend, who on another show could have been so easily his antagonists. I like how the real secret agents assigned to protect him have to pretend to hold down customer service jobs. I like the fun and the banter. But most of all I like that the writers understand why viewers are won over by a show: the people.

Chuck is a show where the emotional story is given primacy over the physical story. No one watching gives two hoots about whether the spies steal the plans for the nuclear submarine or if the terrorists manage to blow up the embassy. We care about whether Chuck misses the special family dinner with his sister or if his rival gets promoted over him at work. These personal stakes feel so much more real than the political stakes, and the genius of the show is that the writers recognise their importance and focus the show on them. The A plot and the B plot are reversed, in that the mission of the week is merely a MacGuffin to trigger the development of the themes, relationships, and characters - and it all works.

A lot of shows could learn from this.
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One of the pleasures I look forward to every year is browsing through the Sci Fi Channel Magazine's Fall TV Special, which gives a full rundown of all the new shows being launched. It's like a game, picking out the ones you like, poking fun at the ones you don't, and trying to predict which ones will be left standing at the end of the season. Here are my highly subjective opinions.

Fringe )

Knight Rider )

Eleventh Hour )

Life On Mars )

Sanctuary )

The Ex-List )

True Blood )

Wizard's First Rule )

Dollhouse )

Kings )

It's anyone's guess as to when these shows will be coming to Australia, but I suppose soon enough we'll be hearing the buzz from overseas and get a better idea of which of them are worth chasing down.
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What I've been watching this past year.

My top three recommendations

Heroes )

Ugly Betty )

Life On Mars )

My other favourite shows

Supernatural )

Doctor Who )

The 4400 )

Desperate Housewives )

My Name Is Earl )

My biggest three disappointments

Torchwood )

Lost )

Battlestar Galactica )
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Warning: long, rambling, and occasionally ranty, especially when Channel Nine is involved.

The Professionals )

The OC )

Farscape )

John Doe )

Iron Chef )

Smallville )


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